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     These guys did a terrific job with my carpet cleaning. They removed every single stain, it looks new! I would recommend their cleaning services to anyone in the area.
Joel V.21/05/2020
     Been a loyal customer since the beginning! I have never had a bad experience nor lost any items. The staff is always ready to assist whenever you ask. Best domestic cleaning.
     I hired a one-off cleaning service to revamp my rental property as I was fed up with the mess and disorganisation! I used Romford Carpet Cleaning and got a top class service by competent people. The work was done with care and the whole place looked wonderful after they had finished. I was so pleased with the outcome, and the whole place looked so bright and clean!
Joseph Young14/07/2015
     When I moved out of my last place it was all a bit of a rushed job and I had no time at all to do the end of tenancy cleaning that is so vital when you need your deposit back! RomfordCarpetCleaners sent around a couple of their people to get the place looking ship shape and they did just exactly that. Every floor, wall, nook and cranny was sparkling magnificently and I could hardly recognise the place! Really impressive work and I know who to come to next time I am after a cleaner!
     With many different aspects to think about when cleaning the house, you can only really get it all done in the time that you need to by having a little help. I use RomfordCarpetCleaners to ensure that it is all done thoroughly, as otherwise I would never get it all done in time! I know that there is a lot to be said for doing these thing yourself, but in reality, it's not the kind of thing that Imo that fussed about, as it means that I can put my feet up more often!
Bobby G.31/07/2014
     I have always prided myself on how clean I have kept my home. I would spend at least an hour each day dedicated to it but I found that I had less and less time for it. Not wanting the quality to drop, decided to call in some help. I contacted RomfordCarpetCleaners in hopes of hiring a top-quality cleaner and that is exactly what I received. A skilled cleaner has come to my house several times now and done the job well, maybe better than I ever did, so I am thoroughly impressed with them and will continue to hire their services.
Bill Hanson20/06/2014
     I was struggling to keep on top of the housework so decided to call RomfordCarpetCleaners. This company was recommended by a mate, so I thought I would give them a go. I contacted the office and discussed my requests. The staff was helpful and sorted a weekly home clean appointment for me. The cost they quoted seemed reasonable, and when the cleaners arrived on the date we arranged the whole procedure went really well. They dusted, vacuumed, mopped and scrubbed for the morning. The workers were friendly and hardworking and I definitely think the service was good valued for money.
John Smith26/05/2014
     Having never really had that much luck with the cleaning, I was really pleased to find that I could actually afford to have RomfordCarpetCleaners round once a week! I always thought that cleaning services were for the super rich, but it turns out anyone can have one! To be honest, given my inability, the job is worth all the money, as I have never seen my house looking as spick and span as it is after they have been round! I have suggested them to all my mates, and now I am doing the same on here, so they must be pretty good!
Luke Warren29/04/2014

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